New energy vehicle battery aluminum case

1. The aluminum shell of new energy automobile battery has high specific strength, specific modulus, fracture toughness, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance stability. Because aluminum alloy material has low density, non-magnetic, alloy is relatively stable at low temperature, low specific resistance in magnetic field, good air tightness, and rapid attenuation of induced radiation energy.

2. The surface treatment of the battery aluminum case is mainly electrostatic spraying, and its color is also very rich. Its colors are generally off-white, dark gray, black, and military green.

3. The battery aluminum case has the advantages of aluminum alloy, so it is also light and durable when it is molded.

4. The aluminum case of the battery is more plastic, and its productivity is better than other profiles, and it also has good castability, so it has good advantages for production.

5. The battery aluminum case will be processed by hot and cold processes. The battery aluminum case made in this way will have strong corrosion resistance. As a result, the aluminum case’s battery is more protective.

6. This aluminum shell also has good ductility, which can be made into light alloy with many metal elements, and the material is light. Its chemical properties are stable, non-magnetic, can be recycled and reused, and it is a benign and recyclable metal material. And small density, light texture, is the best match for new energy vehicles.